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If you are a registered library contact, please login with your support.iii.com email address to access Sierra, Millennium, and Encore documentation and training materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CSDirect and what should I use it for?

    CSDirect is your primary source for Sierra, Millennium, and Encore documentation and training materials.

    Please visit the Supportal for all announcements and release notes.

    Login credentials to use.

  • How do I contact Innovative Customer Support?

    If you are a registered library contact, please login to access full online content and the ticketing system.

    To contact us by phone:

    Sierra, Millennium, and Discovery Customers
    1-800-444-2344 (North America)*
    +1-510-450-6344 (U.S. International)
    +353 16722300 (Ireland International)
    +34 900 972 938 (Spain)
    1-800-143-893 (Australia)
    0-800-995-100 (New Zealand)
    (008)0114-7001 (Taiwan)

    *24-hour technical support. Application support available from 6am- 5pm Pacific Time

    Polaris ILS Customers
    1-877-857-1978 (U.S. 8am-8pm Eastern Time Monday-Friday)

    24-hour emergency support: 1-877-857-1978

    Virtua ILS and Vital Customers
    1-800-858-8857 (U.S. and Canada 8am–5pm Eastern Time & 24 hr. emergency support)
    +1 540 557 1214 (Non US/Canada Customers calling US Office)
    +34 900 972 938 (Spain 9am - 6pm Central European Time)
    +353 1672 2300 (Ireland/International 9am - 6pm Central European Time)
    +603 7118 3350 (Malaysia 8:30am–5:30pm Malaysia Time Monday - Friday) 6011 1299 8857 (Malaysia Saturday Support)

  • What is the Supportal?

    The Innovative Customer Support Portal, or Supportal provides support resources and information including:

    • A solutions knowledgebase
    • The Help Desk for managing and creating tickets
    • Announcements
    • Release notes
    • Contact management tools
  • How do I create a ticket with Innovative Customer Support?

    If you are a registered support contact and have a Supportal role that allows for ticket management, you will use the Help Desk on the home page of the Supportal to create new tickets. Please provide as much information as possible.

    If you do not have permissions for ticket creation, please contact your Site Coordinator.

  • I am experiencing issues with CSDirect. What should I do?

    There are a variety of factors which influence your online experience. Often the first step is to determine if the issue is unique to your computer or browser. Clearing the cache of your browser or running the browser in incognito mode are recommended first steps in troubleshooting any issues you may experience on Innovative Customer Support web sites. This helps to remove any variables specific to your browser settings and determines if your specific browser settings are impacting your experience.

    Use the links provided below for information on how to clear the cache for popular browsers.




    Internet Explorer:

    Alternatively, you can run your browser in incognito mode. Incognito mode, also referred to as Private Browsing, In Private mode, or Private Window, is a privacy setting in some web browsers which will disable browsing history and the web cache.

    If the web site performs as expected in incognito mode, then the issue is most likely related to information stored in your specific browser settings.