Download and Install the Millennium Environment Software for Linux

See Installing the Millennium Environment for an overview and tips about installation of the Millennium Environment.

The JRE (Java Runtime Environment) that comes with the Millennium client is a local copy that is only used by Millennium applications. This customized Millennium JRE installs in its own directory and does not create conflicts with the workstation's standard JRE. Innovative applications that use a browser, such as the Web Management Reports and the Innovative Guide and Reference, use your workstation's version of the JRE, which is installed separately and is not the JRE downloaded here.

The Millennium client jar file automatically downloads from your local Millennium server the first time you log in from your workstation or after the server upgrades to a new release.


Before you begin, make sure that you know the domain name of the library's Innovative machine; you will be asked for this information as part of the installation.

  1. Download the appropriate installation file from the chart below. Pick Save to Disk at the prompt.

    Software Release Supported Millennium Environments Preferred Millennium Environment
    Release 2011 milup160_02.bin milup160_02.bin
    Release 2009B milup160_02.bin milup160_02.bin
    Release 2009A milup160_02.bin
    mil150_12.bin 1
    Content Pro 2.2 milup160_31.bin milup160_31.bin

    When downloading a new JRE, the system will not copy the existing file into the new JRE folder. You can either copy the file from the previous folder or download the font properties again. With JRE 1.5.0_12, you must download and use the fontconfig.[operating system].properties file.

  2. Right click on the file and select Show Properties. Choose the Permission tab and verify the Executable box is checked for Owner.
  3. From the main menu, choose Run for the appropriate .bin file.
  4. Choose Next when prompted by the setup wizard.
  5. At the Where would you like to create the Millennium links? prompt, choose a location, and then choose Next.
  6. Enter the Innovative server domain name at the prompt (i.e.,, then press Next.

    You may also use the Innovative server IP address rather than the domain name. However, if you change the server's IP address, you will also need to update the Millennium shortcut properties on every workstation.

  7. The wizard displays a status screen with details on the Product Name, Install Folder, Link Folder, Java VM Installation Folder, Millennium Server, and Disk Space Information. Choose Install to continue.
  8. You will see a progress dialog, and then the wizard will announce when the installation is complete. If you do not have a previous installation of Millennium on your system, the installer adds an "Innovative Millennium" link at the location specified above when the installation is complete.

The Millennium Environment software installation is complete. You may need to restart the workstation in order for it to reload any system files that were updated during the setup.

The Millennium applications rely on the fixed location of the Millennium Environment. Do not move these programs and files or rename the directory after you install the Millennium Environment.


Note 1 - The milup150_12.bin file installs JRE 1.5.0_12, which includes fixes for a number of security vulnerabilities, fixes for internationalization issues, enhanced mnemonic handling, and increased capability for handling large text files.

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