Download and Install the Millennium Environment

The Millennium environment has two parts: the Millennium client and the JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE). You will need both parts to operate Millennium on your workstation. The installer from CSDirect for Linux and Windows will include both parts.

First time Millennium client installation on a workstation

Download the appropriate milup<###>.exe installer from CSDirect (see below) and then run the installer. The installer program will first install the Millennium client and configure your workstation to connect to your Millennium server IP address. The installer program will then check for the JRE installation and if not already installed, will install the Java Runtime Environment. After installation, the installer program creates a desktop shortcut that launches the Millennium application.

Upgrading JRE version in conjunction with a Millennium server software upgrade or upgrading to Content Pro 2.2

Download the appropriate milup<###>.exe installer from the CSDirect (see below) and then run the installer. The installer program will install the new JRE version in your C:\Millennium \JRE directory alongside the previous JRE version.

Downloads and Instructions

You will need to download the Millennium Environment from CSDirect. The version varies by software release and workstation operating systems. Select your workstation's operating system below, then use the chart on the subsequent page to identify which environment is supported for the current software release on your local server.

See also Installation and Troubleshooting Tips for the Millennium Client and JAVA Runtime Environment and Workstation Requirements for Running Millennium Staff Applications

After the Millennium Environment is installed, see Starting and Ending a Session (100603) for details about launching a session and downloading JARs.

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