Release 2009B Enhancements List

This list briefly describes the new products and enhancements that are included in Release 2009B. For more details, see Getting Started with Release 2009B Enhancements.


  • Millennium Acquisitions will be enhanced to parse GST when defined appropriately by a vendor in an EDIFACT invoice.
  • Millennium Acquisitions will be enhanced to parse VAT when defined appropriately by a vendor in an EDIFACT invoice.
  • Millennium will allow longer fund codes, up to 15 characters in length.
  • Monographic Claims and Cancellations have been moved into Print Templates allowing customization of these forms.
  • Provide a message field to pop up for order records during updating and/or invoicing. (IUG)
  • When importing invoices, leverage FTP data from vendor record. (IUG)
  • The Quick Click product will be enhanced to support SFTP connections from vendor systems.
  • The ability to print Worksheets. This allows the printing of a specified record and/or its attached records by record number.


  • It will be possible to remove a record from a review file within Global Update mode. (IUG)
  • Automatic authority processing will optionally update names even when followed by a subfield "t". (IUG)
  • It will again be possible to transfer attached records from within a bibliographic record. (IUG)
  • Allow user to clear headings reports without first creating the reports. (IUG)


  • The Circa wireless inventory product will include a Shelflist capability. This allows libraries to compare items on the shelves with what the system believes should be on the shelf, in real time while the user is in the stacks.


  • Libraries will be able to utilize the Print Templates functionality to customize their circulation notices. This allows libraries to add or remove specific fields, format the text and design and add library-specific graphics to their circulation notices.
  • Batch extension of Due dates for missed Bookmobile Stops.
  • When opening a patron record in Millennium Circulation, library may choose to display all of the m-tagged message fields associated with the patron record in a single popup.
  • Circulation staff will be able to checkin items without triggering any associated holds, such as for Damaged items. All other associated checkin behavior, such as overdue fine accrual, will process per normal checkin rules.
  • Millennium Circulation users will have the ability to view and retrieve their recent search results when in Search/Holds. This mirrors existing functionality available in other Millennium modules, such as Millennium Cataloging.
  • When using the Not Needed Before functionality, paging slips will not be printed for items whose Not Needed Date has not been passed. The system will wait until the Not Needed Before date is past to generate a paging slip.
  • Whenever a patron record is touched by any III API or Web Service product, the CIRCACTIVE field in the patron record will be updated. The affected products are: Patron API, SIP2, Fines Payment Web Service, Patron Update Web Service and My Millennium Web Service.
  • There is an addition to the Payment Types feature specifically for Ecommerce payments. This allows for Ecommerce payments to be more effectively identified when using Fines Paid in Millennium Circulation.
  • Staff will now be able to view the items ready to be cleared from the holdshelf without actually clearing them from the holdshelf.
  • Items that are checked out will now be available to reserve for a course when using Course Reserves.
  • Library staff will now be able to extend the Pickup By date for items on the holdshelf, for when a patron calls and requests an extension.
  • When a user chooses the Repeat Bookings option when booking an item the system will now report all conflicts with pre-existing bookings.
  • Circulation transactions created using the Offline Circulation function can now be processed in Millennium Circulation. This includes check ins, check outs, and patron registrations.
  • When items are renewed online or by telephone, optionally retain the statistics group of the original checkout. This allows the renewal to be associated with the original checkout location when compiling statistics.
  • Libraries using the Item Status API to integrate Millennium Circulation and Express Lane with their RFID system will now be alerted if an item is recognized as an "incomplete set", i.e., a 2-disc set is missing 1 disc.
  • When a user chooses the Repeat Bookings option when booking an item the system will now report all conflicts with pre-existing bookings.
  • Held Item mailing labels can contain the contents of the PMESSAGE field.
  • Allow the blocking of held items at self-checkout stations.
  • Libraries may send auto notices from Data Exchange.
  • Increased Branch Addresses Table character limits for email 'from' and 'reply-to' addresses
  • New fines category for Collection Agency updated patrons report.
  • Circulation staff may manually update sensitization status of items.
  • Ability to add a barcode to a Millennium ILL virtual item.

Electronic Resource Management

  • Millennium ERM Coverage Analysis will include new reports that show fund data for e-journal resources and titles.*
  • It will be possible to calculate cost-per-use from manually imported COUNTER-compliant XML usage statistics files. Previously, cost-per-use could only be calculated via SUSHI usage statistics.
  • The Millennium ERM record structure will be extended to allow a single license record to be linked to additional resource records. This feature will eliminate the current task of creating and maintaining separate license records in the use case when single license record data applies to additional resources.
  • In Millennium ERM, it will be possible to delete records using a review file. Coverage Edit functions will also be extended to allow batch deletion of multiple databases and titles at one time.
  • Enhanced Millennium ERM Tickler Alert feature adds the ability to set up recurring alerts on an annual basis. It will also be possible to include resource and license record fixed-length field and value as optional elements in the Tickler Alert (e.g., send email 1 day after Trial Begin Date if STATUS=i).

Millennium General

  • When exporting with Create Lists, it will be possible to limit by date any PAID fields being exported. (IUG)
  • Millennium will allow certain fields to be required in a patron or item record, for example, a name would be required before it is possible to save a patron record.
  • It will be possible to save Record View Properties per login. (IUG)
  • It will be possible to save sorting, exporting and listing parameters in Millennium Boolean searching. (IUG)
  • Millennium Boolean searching will allow users to sort saved searches. (IUG)
  • It will be possible to delete item records simply by scanning the item barcodes in Millennium modules.
  • In summary display, show names of other accounting units instead of "other account". (IUG)
  • It will be possible to use numbers [0-9] in initials. (IUG)
  • It will be possible for Millennium to validate specific fields in patron and item records, for example, to ensure that an email address includes an "@" sign.
  • Login Manager now allows an option to Copy Login. (IUG)
  • Ability to use the search operator "^" in Create Lists for both resource records and program records. This allows the ability to find Resource records with or without License, Order or Holdings records, and Program records with or without Section records.
  • The ability to edit Variable-length Field Names, Fixed-length Field Names, and Index Labels is now available in all Millennium modules.

Program Registration

  • A new function to track attendance will be added.*
  • New Ecommerce integration.*

Resource Sharing


  • Additional data elements will be available for downloading in the Request Detail statistical report.


  • Secondary matching will be extended to allow central bib record matching on additional subfields.
  • A customizable version of INN-Reach paging slips will be available using Print Templates. (IUG)
  • The set of messages that can be downloaded from the central server will be expanded to include the 200's. (IUG)
  • INN-Reach requests using Pick Up Anywhere will page first at the pickup location when the item is available at the desired pickup location. (IUG)
  • The messages that displays when a record is busy will be modified to more specifically indicate which record type is busy. (IUG)
  • Staff will have the ability to initiate a cancel and re-request when overriding an INN-Reach hold during local circulation. (IUG)
  • Staff will have the option to print Pick Up Anywhere paging slips separately from other INN-Reach paging slips in Millennium Circulation. (IUG)
  • Increase the number of characters a patron can enter on the Suggest a Purchase form.*
  • A check of the title is now optional when when attempting a secondary match on a central bib record.
  • New functionality will provide updated status information to owning libraries when the requesting library checks the item back in from the patron, or returns an un-wanted item, or an item is returned via pickup-anywhere.
  • New options for managing unicode and non-unicode record storage when records are contributed to the central server are now available.
  • Patrons will have the ability to indicate a "Not Needed After" date when placing an INN- Reach request. The system will automatically cancel the request if it is not filled before the patron specified date.
  • DCB libraries will now receive a notification to put an item in transit when it is received at a location other than the correct pickup location, provided the receiving location is part of the same agency as the pickup location.
  • Record matching has been enhanced to allow the 110-character matchkey to be used as a secondary match point.
  • New options are available for managing data when INN-Reach items are not returned by the borrower, including marking an INN-Reach loan as lost, updating the item record at the owning library, and interacting with Circulation-based billing. In addition, changes to the message that is provided when an item is claimed returned provide better clarity about the action the system will take when an INN-Reach loan is marked Claim Returned .
  • Generate a holdslip for the checkin of an INN-Reach item at the borrowing site.
  • Libraries that participate in INN-Reach through a Direct Consortial Borrowing system (DCB) will be able to participate in Pick Up Anywhere for INN-Reach.


  • It will be possible to print Bindery pullslips in batch.
  • Additional templates for card creation to cover irregular but frequently found patterns. (IUG)
  • Add Serials Claims to Print Templates. (IUG)
  • Increase number of boxes on checkin cards. (IUG)

Web OPAC / WebPAC Pro

  • Add ability to approve all reviews automatically.
  • Allow ICON_ wwwoptions for all BUT_ wwwoptions, enabling much greater flexibility in WebPAC interface customization. Ensures that every image can have an appropriate ALT text equivalent for accessibility. These new icons are named with ICON_BUT_.
  • Support a hosted ecommerce gateway with Payflow Link, allowing sites to keep credit card data from entering or passing through their servers.
  • Locate cursor on point of departure when returning from record display to browse. (IUG)
  • Change truncation character to single asterisk. (IUG)
  • Offer a new WWWOPTION to set wording for "Click Title to View Additional Copies and Volumes" on briefcit. (IUG)
  • Enable display of the loan period for Course Reserves items. (IUG)
  • Display material type (MATTYPE) icon in bibliographic record display.
  • Improvements to My Lists feature include additional options for Add to List buttons on browse and bib. Additional list management features are available in My Millennium.
  • In the MyMillennium/View Your Record display of patron INN-Reach requests, the system will display the "Pick Up By" date for holds that are ready for pickup.
  • Offer a special item status message that indicates the title has been checked in but is not on the holdshelf yet, giving staff time to get it processed.*
  • Update web forms with descriptive labels and logical layout, adhering to accessibility standards to make forms understandable when read by a screen reader. Add field labels in forms throughout the catalog, plus redesign the single-token forms on pverify3 and pverify_web.
  • For the default Example set, add logical structure to pages, using heading tags. Screen reader software uses these headings to give a high level summary of the page.
  • For the default Example set, provide a skip-navigation link so patrons browsing by keyboard can tab over all the site navigation on each page.

New Products

  • Web Service to provide "My Millennium" account information to a third party application, including holds, fines and bookings details. This allows the third party application to display Millennium information, such as in a web portal page.
  • The new SMS Alerts product will allow libraries to send patrons SMS Hold Pickup messages alerting them that they have items ready for pickup.
  • The new Volume Holds product will allow libraries to create volume records and then use these records to place copy-returned-soonest holds for a specified volume. This allows only items associated with the requested volume to fulfill a hold even if there are other items associated with the bib record.

*This enhancement is still planned for the Release 2009B timeframe, but is not yet available. Individual enhancements will be announced as they are made available.

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