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Welcome to the CSDirect Wiki

What is the CSDirect Wiki?

In general, a wiki is a website that can be edited directly in the browser by its users. This means that a wiki is an open environment for users to share ideas with colleagues.

The purpose of the CSDirect Wiki is to serve as a supplement to CSDirect. It is an area where Innovative users can share important information and tips on the products, features or other topics that are included in the wiki.

How is the Wiki organized?

The wiki is organized into topical "webs". In your left bar, you can see a full list of webs included on the CSDirect Wiki. The Main web includes general information and guidelines for using the wiki. Topical webs, like Print Templates, are intended to be used for sharing information specifically about using the Print Templates feature.

Each web contains numerous pages, called "topics". A topic can be created or edited by any user.

Who can contribute to the CSDirect Wiki?

All you need to contribute to the CSDirect Wiki is CSDirect access. Therefore, any staff with a CSDirect login is welcome to contribute to the wiki. Please keep in mind that this is a collaborative environment that is shared among all Innovative users.

How do I use the Wiki?

See CSDirect Wiki Help for tutorials and guides for using CSDirect wiki.

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