Download Offline Circulation for Windows

You can download the Offline Circulation installers here. After downloading the appropriate file, run it on a PC running Millennium Circulation or Via Circulation to install the Offline Circulation software. To do this, follow the instructions below.


Read about configuring the offlinecirc.lax file for Sierra in the Sierra Knowledge Base article Sierra Offline Circulation.


Before you begin, make sure that you know the domain name of the library's Innovative machine; you will be asked for this information as part of the installation.

You must follow the procedure for each Windows workstation that will run the Millennium client, even if the workstation will run the software from a network directory.

  1. Download the appropriate file to a temporary directory on your PC (for example, C:/TEMP). This directory can be any temporary directory you choose. When you click the file download link below, your browser should open a Save As dialog, allowing you to specify the directory to use for saving the file. If the system does not prompt you to choose a directory, copy the file from the default download directory into which the browser placed the file to a temporary directory.
    Software Release Offline Circulation Installer
    Millennium Release 2009A, Millennium Release 2009B, Millennium Release 2011, Sierra (Please see the Sierra Knowledge Base article Sierra Offline Circulation for configuration details.) offline160_02.exe
    Download the installer as a .zip file
    Via offlinecirc_via2007_win.exe
  2. From the Windows desktop main menu, choose the Start | Run... command. Enter the following command in the Open box; use the temporary directory into which you downloaded the software.
    (Insert the name of the file you downloaded in the command.) Choose OK to proceed.
  3. The setup program begins to load and displays a series of dialog boxes. Some of these dialogs prompt you for installation settings, though most dialogs have the recommended settings already entered. To proceed to the next step in the setup, choose Next; to return to a previous step, choose Back. Choose Cancel to end the installation procedure without installing the software.
  4. The setup begins with the Welcome dialog. After reading the information in this dialog, choose Next to continue.
  5. Read the Software License Agreement dialog. If you accept all of the terms of the license agreement, choose Yes. If you don't agree, choose No, and Setup will close without installing the software.
  6. In the Installation Path dialog, specify the directory to which the Offline Circulation files will be copied. The default directory is C:\Millennium. Choose Next to proceed.
  7. In the IP Address dialog, enter the IP address of your Innovative Server. Innovative recommends that you use the server domain name rather than IP address because if you are using the IP address and then change the IP address of the server, you will need to update the shortcut on all workstations. Choose OK to continue.
  8. The Folder Name dialog displays. The name in the Program Folders box is the menu under Start | Programs to which the Millennium Offline Circulation name will be added. Accept the default folder or choose a different folder. Choose Next to continue.
  9. In the Millennium Offline Circulation dialog, review the installation settings that you have selected. To change a setting, choose Back to return to the appropriate dialog, and re-enter the desired setting. When you are satisfied with the installation settings, choose Next to begin copying the Workstation files.
  10. If the setup detects that the appropriate version of the Java Runtime Environment is already installed on your PC, you will be prompted to reinstall the JRE component. Choose No to continue without reinstalling the JRE component or Yes to reinstall it.
  11. The Setup Complete dialog displays. If you want to view the Readme file, leave the "View READ ME file now" box checked. If not, uncheck the box. Choose Finish.

The Offline Circulation installation is complete. You might need to restart Windows in order for it to reload any system files that were updated during the setup. Refer to the Millennium Circulation User Manual for information about using this product.

Last updated: Monday, November 16, 2015

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